From my bookshelf


By Kay Furnivall

     Kate Furnival is a prolific author - her latest book just out in September is The Survivors set in Germany.  She has also written The Liberation, set in Naples: The Italian Wife, set in Italy;The Far Side of the Sun, set in the Bahamas; Shadows on the Nile, set in Egypt, The White Pearl, The Jewel of St. Petersburg, The Concubine's Secret, Under a Blood Red Sky, set in Siberia, and The Russian Concubine.

    But I have read The Betrayal just recently, and found it thoroughly absorbing.  Set in Paris in 1938, it tells the story of two sisters, Romaine (Romy) and Florence.  Both sisters take it in turns to narrate the story. 

   The Spanish Civil War is underway with its struggle between Facism and Communism.  Groups in France support the Communists in opposition of the Facists, and in France, Germany has influence and holds a certain amount of power behind the scenes.

   Romy and Florence support opposing causes.  Romy is an aviatrix, and flies parcels, weapons and even people to Northern Spain in support of the Communist cause, while Florence lives with her husband, Roland, and enjoys high society, fashion and all the trappings.

   But a few years before, their father was killed in his study, while both his daughters were in the house.  Romy was the sister with blood on her hands, but has no memory, and Florence was the sister who made sure she wasn't guillotined.

   One evening, Roland insists that Romy joins them and two German guests on an evening out, and something triggers a memory in Romy's mind.

   Meanwhile, an assassin is killing members of the Communist groups of supporters.

   Who is the assassin, Angel?  Who are the two German guests on that evening?

   This book will keep you turning the pages and guessing until the very end.

   I look forward to reading some of her other books!

   I enjoyed The Betrayal very much, and I hope you do too. 

Yours, Lindsay