As I write, the country is reeling from the shock of Carillion folding, and many thousands of supermarket staff will likewise be reeling from hearing the words ‘I’m sorry, we don’t need you anymore.  You are being made redundant with effect from …’  Many of these staff will have been in the stores for some years, will have worked their way up and are now at various levels of management. 

Many of the Carillion staff have no idea what the future holds for them, how they are going to put food on the table, pay their mortgages, what redundancy settlements there might be for them.  Many more will be wondering if their pension cheques will be paid next month.  Many, many more will be caught up in the supply chain, and will wonder if goods they have supplied will be paid for, how many staff they have to lay off.

And so it goes on.

And there are other areas of work where this sort of thing is happening too.

How do we deal with this news?

It is obvious that, as individuals, there is nothing we can do except pray for those involved.  The news bulletins report and analyse, lay blame, raise hopes and dash them again.  There is a certain amount of political hand-wringing, and promises that things will change so that bosses on extremely good pay scales with bonuses and benefits won’t be able to benefit at the cost of their employees and pensioners again, so we can hope and pray that measures are taken, and are not thrown out by those pressured by people with vested interests.

But what of the individuals?

That is where so much of the pain is felt.  People who had jobs to go to, who had money coming in and commitments and families now have nothing but worries.  How long until they are in queues at foodbanks?  How long until their mortgage companies are on to them?  How long until they are down and Job Centre Plus struggling to find work?

God loves each person as if they were an only child.  Each person is a valued individual in God’s eyes; so we could make the assumption that God is very busy right now, helping people to find the wisdom they need to carry on, encouraging them, reassuring them that they are still precious and valuable to him – and in the world.

We can assume, too, that there will be many people around us affected in one way or another. 

Please, pray for them, and their families and their businesses, in the coming weeks and months.  And, perhaps, pray that God will show us how we can be God’s hands, feet and heart.


Yours, Lindsay