Sunday  March  4th    10.45am       Morning Worship      Mr. Jonathan Stubbs.

                 Sunday  March  11th  10.45am       Morning Worship      Mrs. Jean Tudge.

March  18th    10.45am       Morning Worship     Rev. Lindsay Kemp.

                Sunday  March  25th  10.45am      Morning Worship     Rev. Ian Coverdale.



             MONDAYS                            10-15 and 11-30am  GENTLE EXERCISE is back.


            TUESDAYS                         9-30am  to 12-30am  RHYTHM TIME.

                                                                 5-00pm  and  7-00pm SLIMMING WORLD with Kelly.


        WEDNESDAYS                9-30am to 12-30pm ART CLASS.     

                                                                2-00pm FELLOWSHIP -

                                                                5-30pm TAE KWONDO.

                                                                8-00pm BADMINTON.

             THURSDAYS                   9-15am  TRINITY TODDLERS

                                                                2-00pm BIBLE STUDY

                                                                4-00pm 1st WOODSMOOR RAINBOWS

                                                                5-30pm 1st  WOODSMOOR BROWNIES                                                 

               FRIDAYS                                9-30am  - 3.00pm TODDLER SENSE - ( 2 classes ) 

                                   For more information please contact the Class Leader - Jill Toogood  07496 448 747

                                                                  5-15pm TAEKWONDO

              SATURDAYS                            9-30am to 3-00pm RICHMOND DANCING SCHOOL.


The Sunday Club meets during the morning service on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of term time.